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SimpleLabs Performance will analyze your DNA to provide you with a roadmap of your specific genes and give you direction on how you can likely optimize your fitness and performance with this knowledge. You will be provided with results in four key areas – mental and physical foundation, training response, fuel utilization, and recovery and injury risk. The personalized Performance report will provide you with food, nutrient, and training recommendations to allow you to reach your potential.

What your SimpleLabs Performance report includes:

Results will be emailed in 3-4 weeks.

Mental and Physical Foundation

What does your genetic profile say about how likely you are to be intrinsically motivated to exercise?  How susceptible are you to addictive behavior?  What does your DNA say about your potential for power, endurance, grip strength, and muscular fitness?

Training Response

How likely are you to see fitness gains in response to high-intensity exercises?  What does your DNA say about your likely exercise heart rate response and exercise stroke volume?  How might your body composition respond to strength training?  You will receive tips on your training methods based on your specific genetic profile, helping you get the most out of your workouts.

Fuel Utilization

How does your body utilize protein, fat, and carbs to fuel your workouts?  How should you model your daily food intake to see the best results?  Are you likely to benefit from the use of caffeine as a stimulant to help improve your sport performance?

Recovery and Injury

Does your genetic profile exhibit characteristics that give you a likelihood of having a normal level of systemic inflammation?  Or are you at higher risk of age-related chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease?  What does your DNA say about your risk of bone fractures and how can you work to maintain strong, healthy bones?

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