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SimpleLabs Slim looks at genes related to four major categories – weight loss ability, food, nutrients, and exercise. Your report will provide you with personalized suggestions based on your genetic analysis that may help you achieve the best results from your weight management efforts. You will learn how your body tends to utilize different types of foods and nutrients, your response to strength training and cardio, and what your genes say about your body’s overall ability to lose weight with diet and exercise.

You will be amazed at what you can learn about your body with SimpleLabs Slim.

Some of the areas your 40+ page report focuses on include:

Weight Loss Ability

What does your genetic profile indicate about your metabolism and weight loss tendency? Once the weight is off how likely are you to keep it off?

Food Utilization

How does your body tend to utilize fat, protein, and complex carbs? This can help identify what diet of foods will help you lose weight.


How does your body tend to absorb folate, and key vitamins? Vitamins play a key role in your ability to lose weight, discover how your body processes each.


Based on your genetic profile, how does your body respond to cardio in relation to fat loss and fitness? How does your body respond to strength training?

Custom Meal Plan

You will receive a 7-day meal plan genetically designed just for you based on your body’s ability to process fat, protein and complex carbs.

Custom Exercise Plan

Your plan includes examples of workouts that you may benefit from according to your genotype, this allows you to personalize your plan.

What your SimpleLabs Slim report includes:

Your personalized report not only provides you with a roadmap of your specific genes, but gives direction on how you can potentially optimize your health and well-being with this knowledge. While we can’t change our genes, we can change our behaviors. Stop the guesswork and take advantage of what your genes say about your body.

  • 40+ pages of detailed information on each trait analyzed
  • Which genes and SNP’s were analyzed for each trait and why?
  • Success strategies and tips for utilizing your report

Taking your test is simple.

Follow our step-by-step instructions.

1. Remove Contents

Remove saliva collection swab, biohazard bag, and pre-paid shipping envelope.

2. Take DNA Sample

Rub the collection swab on the inside of your cheek for 30 seconds. Rotate as you rub.

3. Seal Collection Tube

Place swab directly into collection tube. Push down until you hear it click.

4. Place Tube In Bag

Place the secured collection tube directly into the provided Biohazard bag. Seal the bag.

5. Place Bag In Envelope

Place the sealed biohazard bag in the prepaid, trackable return envelope and seal it securely.

6. Mail In Sample

Place your securely sealed return envelope in the mail, and we’ll take it from there!

Save by ordering multiple tests.

A single kit can accommodate up to 5 tests. Take advantage of these incredible savings by simply adding more tests to your cart!

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Buy 5, save $700

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